Sat Nav and Cider

British Airways HeathrowReturning to England from the United States on a non-stop red-eye from San Diego can be disorienting. Dinner is served sometime after a 9:10 pm take-off, and then, after cabin clean-up, window shades go down and chair backs recline. As arrival time approaches, the crew comes through the cabin again, distributing breakfast to many newly awakened passengers. Slowly, one by one, window-seaters push up the shades to see where they are in time and space.

With an arrival time of 3:35 pm, it should be obvious that it is mid-day and everyone on the plane lost half a day in the void. But during the winter, the sun sets early in these parts. So although I had recently finished a sleepy-eyed breakfast, we taxied to the gate as the sun set over Heathrow.

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